Gastrodia kachinensis X.H.Jin & L.A.Ye. A Rhizome B Inflorescence C Longitudinal section of sepal tube, showing two petals D Front view of column and lip, showing the stigma area with sectile pollinia E Lateral view of column and hypochile, showing a pair of sub-globose calli at lip hypochile F Lip epichile, showing a pair of twin protuberance-like lamellae at its apex. Illustration by Yunxi Zhu.

  Part of: Aung YL, Jin X-H (2018) Gastrodia kachinensis (Orchidaceae), a new species from Myanmar. In: Jin X-H, Shui Y-M, Tan Y-H, Kang M (Eds) Plant diversity in Southeast Asia. PhytoKeys 94: 23-29.