Semiaquilegia quelpaertensis D.C. Son & K. Lee, illustrations. A Habit B Flower (lateral view) B’ Flower (top view) C Flower with sepals cut away to show petals D Sepals E Flower with some sepals and petals removed, showing stamens and styles F Petals G Flower with sepals, petals and some stamens removed, showing stamens, staminodes and pistils H Stamens I Staminodes J Pistils (after fertilisation) K Inflorescence in fruiting L Follicles (immature) L’ Dehisced follicles, showing seed M Seed N Inflorescence O Petiole P Leaflet (abaxial surface). Illustrations by Heesoo Kim.

  Part of: Son DC, Jeong KS, Lee K-H, Kim H, Chang KS (2017) Semiaquilegia quelpaertensis (Ranunculaceae), a new species from the Republic of Korea. PhytoKeys 89: 107-113.