Xylopia phloiodora, X. paniculata, and X. calva. A–L X. phloiodora A Opening flower, lateral view B Old floral receptacle, showing staminal cone C Leaf, narrow extreme D Habit E Expanding vegetative shoot F, G Stamens, abaxial view to show size variation H Outer petal, adaxial view I Inner petal, adaxial view J Fruit K Seed, view from micropylar end L Seed, lateral view M–P X. paniculata M Inflorescence N Flower with petals and stamens removed, to show staminal cone O Inner petal, adaxial view P Outer petal, adaxial view Q–T X. calva Q Inflorescence R Flower with stamens and petals removed, to show staminal cone S Inner petal, adaxial view T Outer petal, adaxial view. A, B, D, F–I from Louis 13430 (US) C from Louis 7220 (WAG) E from Tisserant 1113 (BM) J from Tisserant 1138 (P) K, L from Fay and Harris 1138 (MO) M–P from Reitsma & Reitsma 1163 (NY) Q–T from Letouzey 10306 (P).

  Part of: Johnson DM, Murray NA (2018) A revision of Xylopia L. (Annonaceae): the species of Tropical Africa. PhytoKeys 97: 1-252. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.97.20975