Tradescantia subg. Austrotradescantia (D.R.Hunt) M.Pell. A–C habit: A prostrate, mat-forming habit of T. cymbispatha C.B.Clarke B detail of a branch of T. cymbispatha, showing the distichously-alternate leaves C young specimen of T. cerinthoides Kunth, showing the rosette habit and spirally-alternate leaves D subpetiolate leaf of T. tenella Kunth E–F inflorescence: E inflorescence of T. fluminensis Vell., showing the leaf-like, saccate cincinni bracts, and deflexed pedicels at post-anthesis F synflorescence of T. umbraculifera Hand.-Mazz., showing two inflorescence per leaf axil, and spathaceous, saccate cincinni bracts G floral bud of T. fluminensis, showing three keeled sepals H–I flowers: H flower of T. fluminensis, showing the white, plicate petals I flower of T. cerinthoides, showing the pink, flat petals J anther of T. fluminensis, showing the rhomboid connective and elliptic anther sacs K style of T. fluminensis, showing the punctate stigma L seed of T. cerinthoides, showing the costate testa cleft towards the embryotega, and the inconspicuous embryotega. All photos by M.O.O. Pellegrini.

  Part of: Pellegrini MOO (2017) Morphological phylogeny of Tradescantia L. (Commelinaceae) sheds light on a new infrageneric classification for the genus and novelties on the systematics of subtribe Tradescantiinae. PhytoKeys 89: 11-72.