Strict consensus tree (length= 516 steps; CI= 0.3411; RI= 0.8039), showing the character state optimizations at each node of the cladogram, represented by circles. In each circle, the numbers above and below represent the character and character state numbers, respectively (as presented in Suppl. material 1). Tradescantia guatemalensis C.B.Clarke ex Donn.Sm. is depicted in red, to highlight its placement as sister to Elasis hirsuta (Kunth) D.R.Hunt.

  Part of: Pellegrini MOO (2017) Morphological phylogeny of Tradescantia L. (Commelinaceae) sheds light on a new infrageneric classification for the genus and novelties on the systematics of subtribe Tradescantiinae. PhytoKeys 89: 11-72.