Tradescantia subg. Setcreasea (K.Schum. & Sydow) M.Pell. A–D habit: A prostrate habit with ascending apex to T. buckleyi (I.M.Johnst.) D.R.Hunt B the dwarf habit of T. pygmaea D.R.Hunt C erect habit of T. hirta D.R.Hunt D habit of T. rozynskii Matuda, showing the spirally-alternate and strongly complicate leaves E–F leaves: E young leaf of T. pallida (Rose) D.R.Hunt cv. Purpurea, showing the glabrous leaves with lanate hairs at the margin F branch of T. sillamontana Matuda, showing the distichously-alternate leaves, densely covered by lanate hairs G–H inflorescence: G main florescence of T. brevifolia H inflorescence of T. hirta I post-anthesis flower of T. sillamontana, showing the hyaline sepals. J–K flowers: J front view of a flower of T. sillamonata K front view of a flower of T. pallida L anther of T. pallida, showing the quadrangular connective and C-shaped anther sacs M style of T. pallida, showing the trilobate stigma. A by J.M. Jenkins, B by M. Egger, C by J.-P. Piquet, D by J. Vích, E, I–M by M.O.O. Pellegrini, F by D. Stang, G by K. Yatskievych, and H by O. Peri.

  Part of: Pellegrini MOO (2017) Morphological phylogeny of Tradescantia L. (Commelinaceae) sheds light on a new infrageneric classification for the genus and novelties on the systematics of subtribe Tradescantiinae. PhytoKeys 89: 11-72.