Tradescantia subg. Campelia (Rich.) M.Pell. A–B habit: A prostrate habit of T. zebrina Heyhn. ex Bosse, also showing the distichously-alternate, subpetiolate, striped leaves B rosette habit of T. spathacea Sw., also showing the spirally-alternate and sessile leaves C–E inflorescence: C synflorescence showing the presence of a coflorescence, also showing the berry-like fruits of T. zanonia (L.) Sw. D main florescence of T. polliae D.R.Hunt, showing the basally fused, folded, non-saccate, not overlapping, cincinni bracts and flat flower E main florescence of T. zanonia, showing the basally free, not folded, saccate, overlapping cincinni bracts, geniculate pedicels at anthesis and pre-anthesis, and the infundibuliform flower F–H flowers: F oblique view of a flower of T. zebrina G cluster of flowers of T. spathacea, showing the orange to red anther sacs H oblique view of a flower of T. commelinoides Schult. & Schult.f., showing the linearly-tapered connectives I anther of T. zanonia, showing the sagittate connective and round anther sac. J style of T. zanonia, showing the capitate stigma. A, C, E, F, I, J by M.O.O. Pellegrini, B by L. Gutierrez, D by F.A. Michelangeli, G by S. Neuwirth, and H by P. Acevedo-Rodriguez.

  Part of: Pellegrini MOO (2017) Morphological phylogeny of Tradescantia L. (Commelinaceae) sheds light on a new infrageneric classification for the genus and novelties on the systematics of subtribe Tradescantiinae. PhytoKeys 89: 11-72.