Coelogyne magnifica Y.H. Tan, S.S. Zhou & B. Yang sp. nov. A–D Habit E Anther cap (abaxial view) F Anther cap (adaxial view) G Tepals H Column (adaxial view) I Column (abaxial view) J Column (lateral view) K Lip (adaxial view, showing the two lateral keels and two patches) L Lip (abaxial view) M Pollinia. Photographed by Y.H. Tan, Q. Liu & X.L. Zeng.

  Part of: Yang B, Zhou S-S, Liu Q, Maung KW, Li R, Quan R-C, Tan Y-H (2017) Coelogyne magnifica (Orchidaceae), a new species from Putao, north Myanmar. PhytoKeys 88: 109-117.