Micromorphological and anatomical features of Incadendron. A Staminate flower with one anther removed, showing short filaments and basally connate sepals B Young inflorescence, showing inflorescence bract and staminate cymules subtended by glands and bracts C Pollen; mesocolpium-centered equatorial view of whole grain D Pollen; slightly oblique polar view of whole grains E Abaxial laminar surface with marginal gland F Abaxial laminar surface closeup, showing striate micro-sculpturing and stomata G Fractured shoot tip, showing stipule surrounding young leaf with conduplicate ptyxis H Anatomical cross section of shoot apex, showing central terminal inflorescence surrounded by nested series of two developing leaves with subtending sheathing stipules (composite tiled image) I Closer view of anatomical cross section of stipule, showing mucilage-secreting cell layer. (Abbreviations: a = site of attachment of missing anther, cb = cymule bract, g = glands, ib = inflorescence bract, in = inflorescence, lf = leaf, mu = dried mucilage, se = secreting cells, st = stipule. A–G imaged with a Zeiss EVO MA15 SEM at 10–12 kV after sputter coating with 25 nm of Au/Pd; SEM samples untreated and directly mounted from dried herbarium specimens; pollen from dehiscing anthers. H–I from paraffin-embedded, rehydrated herbarium specimens; 7 μm sections stained with iron-mordanted safranin O and celestine blue B; imaged with a Zeiss Universal. Source: A, C–DMonteagudo et al. 4458, US; BNeill & Kajekai 16622, US; E–INeill & Kajekai 16646, US).

  Part of: Wurdack KJ, Farfan-Rios W (2017) Incadendron: a new genus of Euphorbiaceae tribe Hippomaneae from the sub-Andean cordilleras of Ecuador and Peru. PhytoKeys 85: 69-86. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.85.14757