Brachysira altepetlensis D. Mora, R. Jahn & N. Abarca, sp. nov. LM (118–128) and SEM (129–132). 118–123 type material, from Paredones stream, Guanajuato, Mexico, collected on 07.09.2014 121 designated as holotype 124–125 collected from type location but on 06.10.2013 126–128 collected from type location but on 09.02.2014 129–132 from type material: 129–130 external view of entire valves 131 external view of an entire valve showing elongated areolae in the valve mantle 132 internal view of entire valve, showing occlusion of the areolae by hymens. The arrow points at Voigt discontinuity. Scale bars 10 μm (118–128); 5 μm (129–132).

  Part of: Mora D, Carmona J, Jahn R, Zimmermann J, Abarca N (2017) Epilithic diatom communities of selected streams from the Lerma-Chapala Basin, Central Mexico, with the description of two new species. PhytoKeys 88: 39-69.