Drawing of Pseudephedranthus enigmaticus. a Flowering branch (Clarke 3420, U) b Flower in lateral view c Staminate flower in longitudinal section d Outer petal e Inner petal f Stamen (b–f Evans et al. 3437, WAG) g Fruit (Herrera C. 9959, WAG) h Seed, small part of seed coat removed to show lamellate ruminations i Cross section of monocarp and enclosed seed showing 4-parted rumination (h–i Strudwick et al. 3808, U). Drawings by Esmée Winkel.

  Part of: Erkens RHJ, Oosterhof J, Westra LYT, Maas PJM (2017) Revisions of Ruizodendron and Pseudephedranthus (Annonaceae) including a new species and an overview of most up-to-date revisions of Neotropical Annonaceae genera. PhytoKeys 86: 75-96. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.86.13773