Simplified cladogram showing the major supraspecific relations in Festuca s.str., based and adapted on phylogenetic trees from Catalán et al. (2004), and Inda et al. (2008). Main leaf anatomical patterns are exemplified in each line evolutive. Abbreviations: L1, lineage 1; L2, lineage 2; and L3, lineage 3. Asterisks indicate sections which have been included in other subgenera by several authors (sect. Phaeochloa in the subgenus Drymanthele, and sects. Schedonorus and Plantynia in the subgenus Schedonorus).

  Part of: Martínez-Sagarra G, Abad P, Devesa JA (2017) Study of the leaf anatomy in cross-section in the Iberian species of Festuca L. (Poaceae) and its systematic significance. PhytoKeys 83: 43-74.