Craterispermum gabonicum. A Flowering branch (brevistylous morph) B Node with stipules and young inflorescences C Inflorescence (longistylous morph) D Inflorescence (corollas fallen) (brevistylous morph) E Bracteole (brevistylous morph) F Bracteole (longistylous morph) G Corolla (longistylous morph) H Longitudinal section of corolla (longistylous morph) I Corolla (brevistylous morph) J Longitudinal section of corolla (brevistylous morph) K Tip of corolla lobe showing subapical spike-like protuberance L Calyx (longistylous morph) M Calyx (brevistylous morph) N Immature fruit. A–B, D–E, G–H, M from Wieringa 1611 (WAG), C, F, I–K, L from Issembe 244 (WAG), N from Breteler 10979 (WAG). Drawn by Marijke Meersman.

  Part of: Taedoumg H, Sonke B, Hamon P, De Block P (2017) Craterispermum capitatum and C. gabonicum (Rubiaceae): two new species from the Lower Guinean and Congolian Domains. PhytoKeys 83: 103-118.