Phylogenetic placement of Melicope stonei K.R. Wood, Appelhans & W.L. Wagner based on four nuclear and two plastid markers (modified from Appelhans et al. 2014c). The phylogenetic tree only shows the Hawaiian radiation of Melicope. The terms Apocarpa, Cubicarpa, Megacarpa and Pelea refer to the former Hawaiian sections of Melicope/Pelea (Hartley & Stone 1989). The support values are displayed above the branches and the first value represents the Bayesian posterior probability values (pp), followed by the bootstrap values (bs) from the Maximum Likelihood analysis.

  Part of: Wood KR, Appelhans MS, Wagner WL (2017) Melicope stonei, section Pelea (Rutaceae), a new species from Kaua‘i, Hawaiian Islands: with notes on its distribution, ecology, conservation status, and phylogenetic placement. PhytoKeys 83: 119-132.