Melicope stonei K.R. Wood, Appelhans & W.L. Wagner. A Flowering branch B Adaxial leaf surface near margin toward apex C Abaxial leaf surface near margin toward apex D Ramiflorous inflorescence arising below leaves on stem E Female flower, lateral view F Immature fruit and flowers G Dehisced fruit, showing seeds. A-C from Wagner & Wood 6891 (US) D from Wood 8431 (US) E from Wood 15101 (PTBG) F from Wood & Lee 16729 (photo) G from Lorence et al. 6454 (photo) (Illustration by Alice Tangerini).

  Part of: Wood KR, Appelhans MS, Wagner WL (2017) Melicope stonei, section Pelea (Rutaceae), a new species from Kaua‘i, Hawaiian Islands: with notes on its distribution, ecology, conservation status, and phylogenetic placement. PhytoKeys 83: 119-132.