Sabulina basaltica. A Plant forming a tight mat (Legler 14178) B Excavated plant with taproot (Legler 14184) C Fresh leaves and persisting, 3-veined, dead leaves (Legler 14177) D Dead, persisting, 3-veined leaves (Legler 14178) E–F Cymose inflorescences (Legler 14177, Legler 14175) G Solitary terminal flower (Legler 14184) H Sepals and petals, showing shapes and lengths (Legler 14184) I–J Flowers with different combinations of stamen and style lengths (Legler 14177, Legler 14184) K Partially dissected flower showing hypanthium and nectaries (Legler 14183) L Dehisced capsule with seeds (Legler 14183) M Seeds (Legler 14183). Black scale bar is 1 mm.

  Part of: Legler BS, Dillenberger MS (2017) Two new species of Sabulina (Caryophyllaceae) from Washington State, U.S.A. PhytoKeys 81: 79-102.