Tradescantia chrysophylla M.Pell. A habit B detail of the stem and leaf-sheath, showing the hispid indumentum, and detail of the sessile leaf-blade C detail of the hispid hairs of the leaf-blade and of the ciliolate margin D detail of the inflorescence, showing the unequal cincinni bracts E detail of the bracteole F detail of the pedicel and sepals, showing the glandular hairs G frontal view of the flower H stamen, showing the filament with basal, dense and long moniliform hairs, the rhomboid connective, and the ellipsoid anther sacs I detail of the gynoecium, showing the punctate stigma J mature, partially open capsule, still covered by the persistent sepals. K–L seed: K dorsal view of a seed, showing the costate testa and dorsal embryotega L ventral view of the seed, showing the linear hilum. Line drawing by M.A. Rezende.

  Part of: Pellegrini MOO, Forzza RC, Sakuragui CM (2017) Novelties in Brazilian Tradescantia L. (Commelinaceae). PhytoKeys 80: 1-31.