Adetogramma chrysolepis (Hook.) T.E.Almeida. A Habit B Rhizome scale C Sterile lamina detail showing free venation and laminar scales D Fertile lamina detail showing sori, paraphyses, and laminar scales E Paraphysis detail. Drawings A–D by H. Fukuda from Dorr et al. 6764 (NY); drawing E by Juliana Ventura from T.E. Almeida & L.L. Giacomin 3121 (BHCB). Scale bars: A = 5 cm, B–E = 1 mm.

  Part of: Almeida TE, Salino A, Dubuisson J-Y, Hennequin S (2017) Adetogramma (Polypodiaceae), a new monotypic fern genus segregated from Polypodium. PhytoKeys 78: 109-131.