Maximum Likelihood phylogenetic tree inferred from the alignment of the putative LAGLIDADG endonuclease proteins found in the group I introns of Navicula vanseea sp. nov. and other taxa. The type of genome is indicated between brackets: cp – plastome, mt – mitogenome, bact – bacteria, cyan – cyanobacteria.

  Part of: Yılmaz E, Mann DG, Gastineau R, Trobajo R, Solak CN, Górecka E, Turmel M, Lemieux C, Ertorun N, Witkowski A (2024) Description of Navicula vanseea sp. nov. (Naviculales, Naviculaceae), a new species of diatom from the highly alkaline Lake Van (Republic of Türkiye) with complete characterisation of its organellar genomes and multigene phylogeny. PhytoKeys 241: 27-48.