Garcinia hopii H.Toyama & V.S.Dang sp. nov. A branch with leaves B abaxial surface of leaf C trunk D latex E staminate flower buds F staminate flower G pistillate flower and buds H pistillate flower I pistillate flower, some tepals removed J immature fruits. A–C photographed on 22 January 2015 E photographed on 19 November 2014 D, F–I photographed on 27 February 2016, J photographed on 24 April 2015.

  Part of: Toyama H, Dang V-S, Tagane S, Nguyen NV, Naiki A, Nagamasu H, Yahara T (2017) Garcinia hopii (Clusiaceae), a new species from Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, southern Vietnam. PhytoKeys 77: 63-70.