Garcinia hopii H.Toyama & V.S.Dang, sp. nov. A branch with pistillate flower B longitudinal section of staminate flower C lateral view of staminate flower, tepals removed D free part of stamens E lateral view (upper) and longitudinal section (lower) of pistillode F longitudinal section of pistillate flower G pistillate flower, tepals removed (left) and tepals and staminodes removed (right) H staminodes cut in half longitudinally I immature fruit (left) with sepals (sp) and staminodes (st) and its longitudinal (middle) and transverse (right) section. A, F–H from Toyama et al. V4475 (KYO) B–E from Toyama et al. V4476 (FU) I from Tran & Dang dv127 (FU). Drawn by H. Toyama.

  Part of: Toyama H, Dang V-S, Tagane S, Nguyen NV, Naiki A, Nagamasu H, Yahara T (2017) Garcinia hopii (Clusiaceae), a new species from Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, southern Vietnam. PhytoKeys 77: 63-70.