Morphology of the petals and staminodes in Parnassia. P. lanceolata var. oblongipetala (a, b Jinshajinag Exped. 6105, the holotype), P. yunnanensis (c, d T.T. Yu 7429), P. cacuminum (e T.T. Yu 12254 f Y.M. Shu et al. sz286), P. kangdingensis (g, h Y.M. Shu et al. sw365), P. venusta (i Y.M. Shu et al. sw365), P. cacuminum var. longistipitata (j Y.M. Shu et al. sw459), P. degeensis (k Y.W. Tsui 4997, the holotype). Scale bar = 1 mm.

  Part of: Shu Y, Zhang Z (2017) Four new synonyms and a new combination in Parnassia (Celastraceae). PhytoKeys 77: 81-88.