Perilimnastes uniflora A habit B a flowering individual C close-up of a branchlet D adaxial (left) and abaxial (right) leaf surfaces E a flowering branch F close-up of an inflorescence showing a solitary flower G top view of a flower H longitudinal section of a flower showing the isomorphic stamens I longitudinal section of an old capsule showing enlarged ovary crown and morphology of the placental column and placentas. Scale bars: 5 mm (D, G, H); 2 mm (I). All from Jin-hong Dai and Ying Liu 814 (A, PE, SYS).

  Part of: Dai J-H, Van Do T, Liu Y (2023) ´╗┐Four new species of Perilimnastes (Sonerileae, Melastomataceae) from Vietnam. PhytoKeys 235: 1-19.