Gastrochilus lihengiae J.D.Ya, Ting Zhang & Z.D.Han, sp. nov. A flowering plant B fruiting plant; Stem C leaf D inflorescence E–I flower (different view) J adaxial sepals and petals K abaxial sepals and petals L column and lip M, N lip (rip cutting) O, P column Q pollinarium R anther cap. Photographed by J.-D. Ya & Z.-D. Han.

  Part of: Ya J-D, Wang W-T, Liu Y-L, Jiang H, Han Z-D, Zhang T, Huang H, Cai J, Li D-Z (2023) Five new and noteworthy species of Epidendroideae (Orchidaceae) from southwestern China based on morphological and phylogenetic evidence. PhytoKeys 235: 211-236.