Protium panamense. A Stilt roots B Branch with inflorescences C Leaflets D Inflorescences E Staminate flowers F Fruits. Protium aracouchini G Trunk base H Branch with inflorescences; inset showing dry resin on cut twig I Inflorescences; also see the suberose petiole base J Abaxial side of the leaflets. Protium ravenii K Trunk L Adaxial side of the leaflets; inset dry resin on cut twig M Abaxial side of the leaflets N Fruits. Photo credits: Rolando Pérez (A); Carmen Galdames (B); Steven Paton (C–F). G–J photos by Reinaldo Aguilar, from D. Santamaría & R. Aguilar 9836K–N photos by Reinaldo Aguilar, from R. Aguilar 12067, except L, inset by Orlando Vargas.

  Part of: Santamaría-Aguilar D, Lagomarsino LP (2017) Two new species and a new combination in Protium (Burseraceae) from Costa Rica. PhytoKeys 76: 89-113.